Alorian Ascension

Book 8 of the Dimensions Saga

Dark times fall on Paragoy. The peaceful lives of the Valharans are threatened by a new formidable presence. Alric and Kyrin strive to restore the serenity of their Kingdom, while Kyrin fights off demons of her own. Even the god Sithias is affected by the happenings in his dimension when Erianah disappears.

While Alric begins to build an Army like no other seen in Paragoy before, Kyrin is repeatedly sent out into the dimensions after an item with immeasurable power. Until she finds it, she's become a danger to everyone around her.

Alric finally agrees to an alliance with Valhara's sworn enemy, all in the hopes of returning Paragoy to its former, peaceful state. Side-by-side, the nobles of Valhara lead the way to a well-balanced dimension free from the turmoil and strife that've become commonplace.

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